NexTrex Plastic Film Recycling Challenge

Let's Recycle Together!


Congratulations, Longwood community! Your contributions to our first NexTrex Challenge helped the library earn a bench that will be placed on the property, and more importantly, took hundreds of pounds of soft plastic out of the wastestream. Now it's time to do it again!

If our community can collect 1000 pounds of soft plastic refuse in a year, we will earn a high-performance composite bench. Place all plastic refuse in the designated box in the library. All items must be clean, dry, and free of food residue.

Accepted items include:
• Bread bags
• Produce bags
• Newspaper sleeves
• Salt and ice bags
• Grocery bags
• Case overwrap
• Bubble wrap
• Wood pellet bags
• Plastic shipping envelopes
• Dry cleaning bags
• Ziploc and other reclosable food storage bags

NexTrex Bench