Longwood Grows Seed Library

Longwood Grows, our seed library, is pretty basic: help yourself to seeds. They've been divided into smaller packets for your convenience. Please note: as we expand, these guidelines may evolve to suit the needs of the users.


You are not required to have a library card, though we encourage you to do so. There is no cost for “borrowing” seeds.


At this time there is no limit on the number of seed packages you can “borrow” at one time or over the course of the season. Please remember that the library is a shared public resource, and take only what you will use this season. 


There is no requirement to “return” seeds to the library. Seed saving is new to many of us and gardeners have varying levels of knowledge and experience. We encourage all borrowers to commit to making a sincere effort to save some seeds this season, for their own use or to share in seed swaps.

Quality Control

Most of our seeds were commercially purchased (or donated to us) so they should meet expectations. Any saved seeds that are donated to us will be marked differently so that it is understood that they may differ from their labeling.


Donations of seeds are welcome at any time. We prioritize open-pollinated, organically-grown seeds. If you choose to return saved seeds to us, please seal them in an envelope and label the envelope with as much information as you can, including the specific variety, the location and the year collected (e.g., Middle Island home garden, 2022). If you have leftover commercially-purchased seeds that you would like to donate, we will gladly accept them. Please donate these in their original packaging if possible.

Thanks for participating! Keep coming back to look at our offerings as they will change as the season progresses.

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