True North Eats!

Longwood Public Library Teen Cookbook

True North Eats! Flyer

Cooking your own meals and nutritious snacks promotes healthy living which is important for the whole community. By sharing recipes in our True North cookbook, you can inspire fellow foodies with delicious, simple recipes. To contribute to the True North Cookbook:

  • Draft your recipe based on the attached guidelines. Recipes that do not meet our guidelines or that are not original will be refused. You do not need to create an entirely new recipe for this project (for instance, you may use a favorite family recipe), but you may not copy a recipe online or from a cookbook and submit that unchanged recipe as your own. All parts of your recipe must be wholly in your own words. Read your recipe carefully for spelling mistakes, grammar, and completion of the requirements before submitting. Although some of the ingredients in your recipe may be prepackaged, the entire dish may not come from the same package.
  • Submit your recipe draft and photo to Please keep in mind that you may be asked to make edits to your recipe before receiving community service credit.


Recipes will be kept in a cookbook in the True North Teen Services Department for teens to peruse. Teens will receive 2 hours of community service credit for each submitted review that meets all of the listed requirements. You may submit up to 2 recipes. Recipes must be submitted by the due date. Stop by True North or call the Teen Services Desk at 631-924-6400 ext. 249 for information about the current due date.


Please allow 7 days for processing of review and certificates. After your recipe is submitted, a librarian will read your recipe for content, grammar, word count and present of all of the recipe elements. Within 7 days you will receive an email with your certificate OR a list of revisions. Once the revisions are made and received, your recipe will be reevaluated within 5 days. Recipes submitted after the due date will not be accepted.



  1. Include the following information at the top of your recipe:
    1. Name
    2. Email address – Longwood School e-mail addresses cannot send e-mails outside of the Longwood school system, so you must use a non-Longwood e-mail address to send us your recipe
    3. Grade
    4. Library Barcode Number – You must have a valid LPL Young Adult card to receive community service credit for your submission.
    5. An original photograph of your completed dish.
  2. Each recipe will contain the following elements:
    1. A category. Is your dish best suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack or dessert?
    2. A unique name for your dish. Your title should accurately describe your dish while also grabbing the reader’s attention.
    3. A description of your dish. Tell us a little bit about your dish! What makes it special? Did you come up with the recipe yourself or were you taught by someone? What makes this recipe a healthy choice? Your description should total at least 75 words.
    4. An ingredients list. List each ingredient needed to make your recipe. Be as specific as possible! If there is more than one kind of an ingredient, what type is needed? Should the ingredient be at a certain temperature? If you buy an ingredient pre-packaged, is there a specific brand that you use? Be sure to include measurements with each ingredient. Your ingredients list should include a minimum of 5 distinct ingredients.
    5. Cooking directions. Your directions should be specific enough that someone who has never made your recipe before could follow it step by step and make your dish. Include details such as any cooking utensils or appliances needed and what temperature your recipe needs to be cooked at and for how long. Any parts of your recipe that explain how to do things or the steps involved to complete the recipe must be wholly in your own words.